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Your Guide to the Essential Steps of Starting a Business




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Notes from the


In this book, you'll discover the essential tasks that are vital for launching your new business venture. Through my interactions with numerous business owners, helping many people start their businesses, and starting over 20 of my own, I developed a checklist to aid in this process. It covers the essentials and helps to make sure none of the important items are missed. Now this checklist has evolved into something more significant - a detailed workbook. The "Business Launch Journal" expands on each checklist item such as choosing a domain name, selecting logo colors, setting up a merchant account, and obtaining an EIN. It pairs these with informative guides and includes journal pages, allowing you to record your ideas and thoughts as you navigate this exciting process of starting your business. These tasks are fundamental to any business operation and will be referenced and utilized countless times. That's why this book focuses on such practicalities, along with other indispensable tools and insights. Here’s to your successful start and happy beginnings!

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Kristen Hadley, M.S.



Here are the


Ideation and Planning

The Idea

Target Market

Start-Up One-Time Costs

Start-Up Ongoing Costs

Service and Product Profiles

Setting Prices

Business Plan

1 Page Plan

The Competition


The Name

The Domain Name

The Email Address

The Mission Statement

The Colors

The Logo

Business Cards and Prints


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Legal and Financial Setup

Legal Structures

How to File


Operating Agreement


Bank Account



Licenses & Permits


Intellectual Property

Operational Setup

The Location

Merchant Account

Merchant Account Application


Understanding Your Books




Digital and Paper Files

Setting Up Your Filing System

Marketing and Online Presence

Marketing Plan

Social Media Plan

Creating Social Media Accounts

Social Media Software

Website Content


Creating a Website


Email Lists


Advertising and Google AdWords

Launch and Growth

Friends & Family


Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Online Reviews and Testimonials

Maximizing Social Engagement

Ongoing Management and Optimization


Vision Boards

Artificial Intelligence


Tax Deductions



Avoiding Scams

Don’t forget your


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Disclaimer: The contents of this book, including any legal aspects and business strategies, are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. The author is not an attorney and the information provided is based on personal experience and research. It is recommended that readers consult with a qualified legal professional for specific legal advice related to their business endeavors."

about the author

Kristen Hadley is a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich background in starting and managing over 20 businesses across three decades. Her expertise lies in simplifying the business startup process, drawing from a wealth of experience and lessons learned from her entrepreneurial ventures. Kristen's passion for the startup phase of small businesses and her hands-on approach make her an invaluable mentor for aspiring business owners. Her commitment to aiding others in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams is evident in her practical, insightful guidance and her ability to turn challenging concepts into manageable steps.


“Kristen Hadley's book cuts through the theoretical clutter and dives into the essential steps for business startup success. It's a treasure trove of real-world wisdom for anyone looking to transform a business idea into a thriving venture. A must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking actionable guidance." -James Davis

“Working for yourself is closer than you might think, and Kristen Hadley has the business acumen to get you there. I highly recommend this workbook, and I know that entrepreneurs of all kinds will appreciate Hadley’s collection of ideas, tips, and brainstorming space. With this book, anyone can start their business with confidence.”

Dr. Belinda Bruner, Author and Humanities Professor Emeritus

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